Marsh Creek State Park with the Cappetta’s

We met some of our friends, the Cappettas, at Marsh Creek State Park. We arrived at the State park and took a walk around. Once the Cappettas arrived we had lunch and went for another walk. Natalie and I talked while we walked down to the lake. We waded in the lake for a little bit and then walked back up to the parking lot and pool. We got on our bathing suits and jumped in the pool. We had to get out so that they could clean the pool, so Nat and I played Rats, a card game. Marcus was glad to have a chance to hangout with Anthony.  The moms and dads did lots of talking too. Soon it was time to leave.  It seemed like we had just gotten there. I was eastatic that we got to see the Cappettas while we were in Pennsylvania.

3 Replies to “Marsh Creek State Park with the Cappetta’s”

  1. Thanks for this blog with pictures of Natalie & Anthony. I haven’t seen them in a long time. They have grown up just like you & Marcus. Love, Gram


  2. Yes we will continue to follow you guys. Chris Christy is someone we admire and wish well for him.
    We will be leaving Canada on Oct 26 this year. Because of my back surgery, we will be staying Texas and west of it. So keep us posted where you are. We will meet up this year or next year as you travel across USA. It is almost time to do all of Canada. Take care, Yvonne


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