Crescent Bar

Our next stop was Crescent Bar, Washington.  We met up with several of our families of our friends.  Several of the dads took the boys golfing.

One of our friends scored some free tickets to an Eric Church concert so quite a few of us went along!

Several of the moms and I visited a lavender farm.

We spent a couple of afternoons at the river.  The water was mighty cold, but the kids didn’t seem to mind.

We toured the Rocky Reach Dam on the Columbia River.  It is a hydroelectric dam and has a fish ladder.

We stayed at the Thousand Trails in Crescent Bar.  They had a great lodge.  The kids played lots of games with their friends,  Miss Julie gave Cali a dressing dummy so she spent some time sewing.  Marcus and his friends did some painting.

We celebrated some friends’ birthdays, we ran along the river, had lots of local cherries and the dads went out to dinner.


We visited the Grant County Museum and the Moses Lake Museum to learn about some local history.




This is a post I have been trying to write for over a week now.  Every time I sit down to write my eyes fill with tears, but here it goes.

My mom and Eddie took us to the Avoca airport on Saturday morning.  Wow that airport sure has changed since I was there last.  We had a short flight to Philadelphia.  Once there we found out our flight on to San Francisco had been delayed.  They kept pushing it back.  The waiting areas in the Philly airport has greatly improved.  There were comfortable seats and free wifi.  Finally about 5 hours after our scheduled departure time we took off.  We arrived in San Francisco, picked up our rental car and drove to Redding,  It was about 2am when we arrived.

Our RV was just as we had left it two months earlier.  We had some cleaning and restocking to do and we were really tired, but it was so nice to see Aunt Jeanne.

While we were away Uncle Ron had been admitted to the ICU and then transferred to a rehabilitation facility.  We were looking forward to seeing him.  On Sunday he was taken back to ICU.  Aunt Jeanne is one of the strongest women I know, my heart ached for her.  On Monday I went with her to visit Ron.  I am so glad I did.  His face lit up when he saw her and I was able to talk to him for a few minutes.  It was such a difficult week for Aunt Jeanne.  Ron died early Thursday morning.  He was such a kind and generous man and will be missed. God knew where we needed to be.



Back in the United States

After 52 days across the Atlantic ocean (you can check out out Europe travels here) we flew from Dublin, Ireland to Stewart Airport in Newberg, New York.  Grandma and Grandpa picked us up.  The flight was with Norwegian and was on an older plane.  They showed three movies which made the time go by faster.  We had cleared immigration in Dublin, so when we arrived in New York all we had to do is collect our luggage.

We had a great week in Pennsylvania.  We had dinner with Grammy Red, Chuck and Bucky and saw Aunt Sue. We saw our cousins, uncles and aunt.

We helped Grandma and Grandpa cut down some trees, planted flowers, rode the four wheeler, helped with the church rummage sale, celebrated Grammy’s birthday, made baked Alaska, saw a bear and a bobcat, sewed, welded, shot guns,  looked at things from our great-grandma and great grandpa, went shopping, had cheese steaks and went to the races.  It was such a good week.  This time was a blessing.

March 2019

Marcus and Cali used there gift cards from Snowbowl (thanks Grammy Red) and we spent a couple days on the slopes.  The weather was great and the snow was perfect.  Some of our friends even joined us making it even better!

We spent an evening at the Phoenix Symphony thanks to Vetix.  It was a great conclusion to this years study of composers.

We spent a few days at Lost Dutchman State Park.  We hiked to the top of the Flat Iron and caught up with our friends and fellow Newell owners, Jim and Gail.

The most difficult things about traveling is saying good bye to such great friends.  We will miss all of our friends at Usery and in the Phoenix area.  My Disciple bible study class even had an early 50th birthday celebration for me.

After we left Phoenix, we stopped for a week in Yuma.  We had some special friends who had spent the winter there and we wanted to catch up with them.  Tim and Mel (our friends from Tunkhannock) spoiled us as always with an amazing dinner and we had the Dumas’ as our neighbors.  It was great to see both families.  I am sorry I don’t have any photos of them, but I do have some of the fresh broccoli they were growing there, the date palms, and some Mexican ice cream.

The next stop was Los Angeles, California.  Cali planned a day; Walt Disney Theater, The Last Book Store, Hollywood and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Marcus’ day consisted of; hiking to the MASH site, lunch at Neptune’s and the Getty Museum.

Now we are near Hollister, CA.  We have spent the last week knocking out some school and work and hanging out with two other families.  Tomorrow we head further north to my aunt and uncles in Redding.  We are excited to see them.  We will be getting ready to store our bus and head back to Europe for a couple months.  If you want to follow our adventures in Europe you can follow our blog  If you sign up with your email you will get notification when we post.  We may not have any posts for the first week or two because we are taking a relocation cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Rome.

Thanks so much for taking time to follow our travels.  We pray that you all have a blessed Easter.


February 2019

In February my mom and Eddie came to visit us in Arizona.  We went to Organ Stop Pizza.  They took the kids to the Desert Botanical Garden.  Marcus took a road trip to Sedona with them.  The kids taught them a new game and they spent lots of time playing Dutch Blitz.  We went to San Tan Flats for lunch.  It was such a nice visit and they were able to attend the opening night of the play Cali has been volunteering for.

Cali was busy this month volunteering at the East Valley Children’s Theatre.  She worked on making props, sewing costumes, helping with rehearsals and worked behind the scenes at the performances of Camelot and Camelittle.

Marcus and I spent time this month hiking and riding bikes.  The bike trails here are some of my favorites anywhere. I made spaghetti sauce and salsa with tomatoes and pepper I purchased from a local charity that saves food from being wasted.  It’s called Produce on Wheels Without Waste.  We went to see our friend Jonah in his high school production of Shrek.  It rained several days this month, which is rare. Now the wildflowers have started to bloom.

January 2019

Wow the last month has flown by.  We celebrated Christmas with Aunt Kelly and her family.  Their family is such a blessing to us.

We did some fun activities with our friends the O’Donnells.  We went bowling and played games on New Years Day.  Cali and Norah went ice skating.  Marcus and Colemen spent the afternoon at Xtreme Air.

In early January Cali and I flew to Canada.  Yes, Canada in the middle of the winter.  Actually the weather was nice for January and it was awesome to spend the week with our Canadian friends.  We played games, watched movies, did puzzles, cooked and really enjoyed their company. We miss them! Marc and Marcus made out fine without us.  Marcus spent lots of time with our friends Mark and Lynn, who are staying at the campground here in Mesa.

Grandma Red came for a visit in January.  She and Marcus visited the Musical Instrument Museum and she went to a theatre performance with Marc and Cali.  We all did the Pizza Run 5K which was cool.  Grammy Red took Marcus and Cali to Sedona for a couple days.  They did the Soldiers Pass hike .

The rest of the month, we have be concentrating on work and school.  Cali and Marcus are working hard to finish 9th grade before we leave for Europe on April 7th.  We have also been doing some hiking and biking in this beautiful landscape God has provided for us.

Merry Christmas

We want to wish all of our friends and family a Christmas filled with blessings.  Originally I had designed a Christmas card showing places we had visited this year, but on Thanksgiving Cali and Marcus had some fun posing and I decided to use those silly photos instead of the more formal ones. This really represents how I feel about life.  Its messy, but God has filled it with joy.

We were able to attend three different holiday plays thanks to Vet Tix. 

We saw A Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker and All Is Calm, The Christmas Truce of 1914.  They all fit in with our current school curriculum.  We learned about Charles Dickens in Literature, studied tchaikovsky in music and just recently learned about the truce when we studied WWI.  I would love to say I planned this, but it does excite the teacher in me when God lines things  up perfectly.

This month Cali and I completed our first 5K.  We have been training for it since October 1st and I am so proud of her for sticking with it.  We are planning to run another one in January.

This year Marcus and Cali decided they wanted to bake cookies to give out here at the campground.  They wanted to make cookies from around the world.  Marcus looked up all of the recipes and compiled a spreadsheet of all the ingredients we would need.  We made 10 kinds from 10 different countries.  We baked them in our convection oven over three days.  They all turned out very well.  We hand out 18 plates of cookies to staff, volunteers, friends and fellow campers.

We want to thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  Merry Christmas!


So Much to be Thankful For

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.  We have so many blessing to be thankful for.  We have been busy here in Arizona.  On Thanksgiving we hiked 8 miles around Pass Mountain and had a traditional dinner.  Cali and I even did a little shopping and we decorated our tree.

Marc is doing business consulting work for a friend and Cali is volunteering at the East Valley Children’s Theatre working behind the scenes as tech crew.  We took out friend Freda to see the play.  It was very cute.

Marcus cut apart the 64.5 pound pumpkin we brought with us from Pennsylvania.  He of course destroyed it dramatically.  He did save the seeds to plant next year.

We went to see Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azcaban put on by the Symphony.  While an edited version of the movie played on a giant screen it was accompanied by the orchestra.  It was a delightful unique experience.  I didn’t know where to focus on the movie or the conductor.

We spent two weeks at Usery Mountain Regional Park.  Now we have moved to Lost Dutchman State Park.


North Carolina to Arizona in a Week

On Thursday, November 8th we departed the Winston-Salem area.  While we were in Pennsylvania this summer Marc installed all of the needed equipment to flat tow our car.  In Winston-Salem we sold our tow dolly, so this would be our first trip flat towing, which so far is much easier than using the dolly.

We spent the first night boondocking at a Walmart  in Lebanon, Tennessee.  The next day we made it to Tom Sawyer Campground which is near Memphis.  This campground has great views of the Mississippi River.  While we were there we were able to see my high school friend Connie and her family.  We were thrilled to catch up with them again.

Early Sunday morning we headed west again.  We were able to watch church (except for Marc who just listened.)  I even tried my hand at driving.  I drove about 100 miles that day so that Marc could have a break.  We made it 414 miles to Miami, Oklahoma.  We stayed at a casino that had free electric which we were very thankful since it was getting cold.

When we woke up the next morning it was snowing.  We made our way to the Newell factory where our bus was made more than 35 years ago.  When I knew we would be close to the factory I scheduled a tour.  Brian, the salesman who gave us the tour took us to the file room first.  The have a record of every Newell ever commissioned.  Each of the approximately 30 Newells that are built each year are designed by the new owner and the engineers there. Each one is individual.  We were able to see the file and blueprint from 1983 for  our Newell, which was really cool.  Brian took us through the process which takes about 6 months from raw metal to finished product.  He even showed us a new bunk model.  We really appreciated his time and knowledge.  The new ones are really nice!

After our tour we decided to keep moving west.  Marcus and I drove the car because the tow bar needed some work.  That is one thing I have learned on the road.  Things don’t always go just as planned, but God is always there and Marc can fix almost anything. We made it to El  Reno, Oklahoma to another casino with free electric.  In the morning, Marc was able to fix the tow bar and we were on our way.

We were able to make it to Amarillo on Tuesday.  We had a late lunch at the Big Texan and made a quick stop at Cadillac Ranch.

I was very cold Wednesday morning.  We chatted with our neighbors.  They were headed to Arizona, too.  Before we could get on our way Marc did some work at a truck stop to fix a transmission fluid leak on the car.  At least it was warming up.

We made it to Albuquerque by late afternoon.  We were excited to meet up with our traveling friends and their family for dinner.  It was so nice to see them!

On Thursday we were up early and on our way.  Marc and I took turns driving and we made it around 400 miles to our home for the next couple of weeks, Usery Mountain Regional Park.  This is the park we hosted at a couple of years ago.  The views and the people can’t be beat.  It is such a blessing to be here!



Fall in North Carolina

For the last few weeks we have been near Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  This is the perfect place to be in the fall.  The leaves were just beautiful.  Being  near Bill and Krysta makes this place even more special for us.  We played games, had yummy food, went to plays, visited Biltmore, went bike riding, and played with their pups.  Our time there flew by, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.